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June 21, 2017


An application that provides flood predictions and alerts so you are always aware of a flooding situation before it’s too late.

At A Glance


Floods account for 40% of all natural disasters and are the number one natural disaster in the United States, creating $3.5 billion in flood insurance claims per year. The immediate impact of flooding includes death, property damage, loss of utilities, business and transportation disruptions, destruction of agriculture and livestock, and exposure to waterborne diseases. Not only do these disruptions cause inconvenience, but they can have significant costs and long term impacts on people's livelihoods, company's operations, and quality of life.


Sea level rise is a major issue for inhabitants of Hampton Roads and for most coastal communities in the U.S. and around the world. Flooding causes significant disruptions to residents lives in the areas of travel disruptions, property damage and insurance costs, utility outages, services, small business disruptions. Not only do these disruptions cause inconvenience, but they can have significant costs and long term impacts on peoples’ livelihoods, companies’ operations, and quality of life. Problems can be mitigated in many cases by better awareness and prediction. This allows people and businesses to either plan ahead or deal with impacts tactically in a more efficient manner.

  • Landing & Home Page

    The Home page provides the user with dynamic updates from the various data sources FloodWise draws from. Local weather conditions, drawn from the Wunderground API are provided and by clicking on any portion of the weather area a user will access additional information on the current weather. The Alerts section lists any flood alerts that affect the user's current location or any locations that they are monitoring. Multiple areas can be monitored simultaneously, by utilizing the Places section.
  • Prepare Page

    The Prepare page provides information to help guide users through the different stages of flooding. Information drawn from various emergency aid and flood preparation organizations are included.
  • Alerts Page

    The Alerts page provides a list of all alerts that affect the user and any contacts that they have added in FloodWise. Additional details are available for each alert.
  • Places Page

    The Places page provides the user with a listing and short status of the locations they are monitoring. By clicking a location users are able to gain additional details on flood alerts in that area such as contacts located in each location.
  • People Page

    The People page allows users to add and search for people in their contacts and social networking sites. You can monitor certain people by creating an alert if their area is affected by flooding.
  • Maps Page

    The Map page includes customizable filters and views that each user can configure to provide the match the information they are looking for. The search feature allows a user to find new locations to monitor.