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A messaging and management app add-on that allows users to write or say what items they need so they never forget to make a purchase.

At A Glance


The rise in the use of direct messaging by consumers has led to a demand for businesses to change the way they communicate with their customers. What better way to leverage this with a simple shopping list reminder. At some point, everyone has forgotten to pick something up and replenish a low item in their home. Sometimes we even forget about upcoming Holidays and events we need to plan for.


With Bot-In-Mind users will find this add-on useful to their day to day lives. Users will be pleased and surprised with how productive and easy Bot-In-Mind makes your day to day life. Users will utilize this for all their shopping needs. Gone are the days to hunt for the best prices, search items from store to store hoping that something will be in stock or ordering an item just to find out you have to pay extra for expedited shipping because you did not order in time. This add-on integrates well with the messaging and management tasks that the users' phone comes with. Johnson, the bot learns from the user's purchasing patterns and syncs seamlessly through the phone's calendar, messaging apps, and online shopping platforms.

  • Introduction

    “Bot-In-Mind” introduces the bot “Johnson.” A list of sample questions come up so the user gets an idea of what Johnson can help with.
  • Request

    Based on Stacey’s shopping history Johnson is able to suggest the one she wants. If Stacey wants another brand, she simply needs to say the brand name and Johnson will give his suggestion.
  • Remind

    Johnson sends a friendly reminder the day before the last day she can have it shipped and delivered on time. If not Johnson suggests the closest place that has the item or the place with the best price.
  • Search

    Johnson will search your calendar, messages, and emails to find anything related to the date in question. If nothing comes up Johnson searches +/- 10 days.
  • Adding to Your List

    Johnson will send a reminder for items that you have been asked to get. It is up to the user to decide whether or not they would like to get a reminder later.
  • Weekly List

    Johnson keeps tabs on all the items you have mentioned getting throughout the week for your weekly shopping.